Markets and Sectors

Markets and Sectors

Our team has long experience in providing economic advice in environmental and water markets in Australia and Europe, and has applied these skills to a wide variety of problems in environmental and social fields over that time.  Our expertise is particularly focused on problems that have environmental and social factors, that are difficult to measure and incorporate into decision-making.  Our experience extends to agriculture, active transport, gambling and alcohol policy.


We have economics and policy experience in all aspects of the water cycle, including urban and rural water supply and management, recycled water management, stormwater and integrated water management, rainwater tanks, waterway health and biosolids management.  

Nature-Based Solutions

We have worked on NBS economics, financing and policy at city and national levels.  This experience includes working with cities to understand financing options and assist in developing the value proposition for NBS in business cases, and undertaking research in Horizon 2020 projects for the European Commission


We have undertaken policy and legislation review in the biodiversity sector, including the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 (and 2030) for the European Commission, and reviews of nature conservation legislation in Australian jurisdictions.  We have particular expertise in assessing market-based instruments for biodiversity management, including reverse-auctions, offsets and revolving funds.  We have estimated the ecosystem services values of a range of a range of environmental assets such as wetlands, and kelp forests in Port Phillip Bay.

Circular economy and waste

We have provided market assessments of waste markets and provided cost-benefit assessments of waste policy options for state government departments.  We have expertise in the economic assessment of circular economy innovations, including recycled water, products developed from tyre recycling, and the use of biosolids in compost products.

Liveability and social policy

We have expertise in assessing the economics of ‘liveability’ outcomes, such as the economic benefits of walking/cycling trails, the value of urban heat island mitigation, and the value of public open space reflected in property prices and events.  We have used economic tools such as hedonic pricing and choice modelling to reveal these non-market values for social and environmental goods.